(UPPER ARLINGTON, OH) – Whole Foods Market (NASDAQ: WFM), the world’s leading natural and organic supermarket and America’s first national certified organic grocer, is preparing for growth in the Upper Arlington area.  As the store increases in size, from 22,000 square feet to 35,000 square feet, Whole Foods Market will remain open at The Shops on Lane Avenue open air lifestyle center in a temporarily store.   The smaller store will be equipped to meet the needs of the community as well as expand offerings that include extensive Wine & Cheese options, Personal Shopping and Curb-Side Loading and Carry-Out Assistance.

“We feel so fortunate to be able to remain in a location that has allowed Whole Foods Market to become part of the community; part of a family, while being able to expand our store and our offerings” said Missy Peoples, Whole Foods Market Upper Arlington Store Team Leader.  “It’s quite a unique opportunity for us to have the ability to stay open during construction and introduce an express location.  We are thrilled not only to be able to continue to operate, but remain in a location that really has become home to us as we transition to our new store just a few doors down.”

The smaller Whole Foods Market will open in a space approximately 9,000 square feet; although about half the size of the current space, it will contain the majority of items and offerings of a regular size store.  Additionally, there will be a handful of new offerings that will make the smaller store a unique and enjoyable shopping experience carrying on the Whole Foods Market tradition.

Between the announcement of the new store and the introduction of the smaller store, we have received many questions…


Q: Where are you moving to?

A: We’ll be in the same shopping center complex, just further down in the Shops on Lane Avenue.  Our new address will be 1649 West Lane Avenue.


Q: When are you moving?

A: We will be closing our doors at the current space on July 5th and opening at our new location on July 6th.  Be sure to check out the artist rendition of the new store in the café for a better picture of what’s to come.


Q: What’s going to happen to this building?

A: It will be demolished shortly after the doors close on July 5th to make room for the construction of a new 35,000 square foot store.


Q: How long will the construction process take?

A: Forecasting construction can be tricky business, but we’re estimating that it will take about 18 months until we’re able to open the doors of the brand new Whole Foods Market in Upper Arlington. We will be posting updates on our Facebook page and our store newsletter so you can follow the process and see your new store being built.


Q: Where will the brand new store be located?

A: Right where our current store is located. Our current store is 22,000 sq. ft and we are building a store that is 35,000 sq ft. We will be posting updates on our Facebook page and our store newsletter so you can follow the process and see your new store being built.


Q: The new temporary store is smaller, what does that mean for my shopping experience?

A: While the size of our temporary store is smaller than our current space, our specialty and grocery departments will actually increase in size.  Additionally, once the construction of the new store is complete, we’ll be gaining an additional 12,000 square feet compared to the old store.


Q: What if I can’t find a product I normally buy in your store?

A: We are dedicated to serving our customers; if we do not have an item in stock at our express location, we will be more than happy to special order it for you or bring it in for you from our Dublin location.  As always, feel free to give us a call to make arrangements before you shop.


Q: What about parking?

A: Since our parking lot will be smaller, we have programs in place like curb-side loading, carry-out assistance, and personal shopping to facilitate your shopping experience.


Q: Will you still have events at the temporary store?

A: YES!  The traditional format of our events will need to shift a little, but you can count on us to maintain the experiential component while you shop.


Q: What’s Personal Shopping?

A: The availability of personal shopping means that we do the shopping for you.  Just submit your shopping list to us a day in advance, and we will have your order ready for purchase next day!  (See store for specific details)

“Whole Foods Market is a marquee tenant of The Shops on Lane Avenue.  We are very excited about their desire to expand at this location,” said Billy David Andrews, General Manager OH & IN Properties for Ramco-Gershenson, Inc. “Their updated store will allow for a more desirable shopping experience and will offer additional amenities to the Upper Arlington area.  We look forward to Whole Foods being a staple of the community and the Shops at Lane Avenue for years to come.”

For additional information, please visit us on Facebook at Whole Foods Market, Upper Arlington; additionally, please attend our next Customer Advisory Panel – visit Customer Service at the store for details.

Media Inquiries, please contact Defausha Hampton at 212.253.0474