AUSTIN, Texas (Jan. 20, 2011) – Thanks to the efforts of its nearly 60,000 Team Members, Whole Foods Market ranks 24th on FORTUNE magazine’s 2011 list of “100 Best Companies to Work For.” The company is one of only 13 to earn “All Star” designation for having made the list every year since its inception 14 years ago.

FORTUNE cited “supporting healthy lifestyles of its Team Members” as a key factor in determining the company’s ranking. Whole Foods Market provides a 20 percent Team Member store discount, and Team Members who voluntarily opt to participate in the company’s healthy discount incentive program can receive up to an additional 10 percent store discount.

“With their collective energy, passion and talent, our Team Members continue to set us apart as we celebrate 30 years of bringing healthy foods to the marketplace. We thank and congratulate each and every one of them for placing us in the top 25th percentile on this prestigious list,” said Walter Robb


co-CEO for Whole Foods Market


. “


To be recognized for supporting our Team Members’ wellbeing highlights our commitment to our newest Core Value around healthy eating education while staying true to our long-time Core Value of ‘Supporting Team Member Happiness and Excellence.’”

Whole Foods Market is known for its unique company benefits, which include health care coverage for domestic partners and personal wellness accounts for health care expenses. In addition, Team Members help select their overall benefits by participating in a company-wide benefits vote at least every three years.

Team Members at Whole Foods Market play an important role in determining the FORTUNE ranking: two-thirds of the company’s score this year was based on survey responses from 274 randomly selected employees.

Whole Foods Market ranks seventh out of the 36 large companies on the “Best Companies” list.  The retailer is one of 13 companies headquartered in Texas to make the list and one of two companies based in Austin, Texas. It is listed among the top 15 most diverse of the 100 companies listed, with 44 percent of Team Members being minorities and 44 percent being women.  Whole Foods Market ranks as No. 6 among 26 companies for having at least 700 job openings.

The list appears in the Feb. 7 issue of FORTUNE and at .Whole Foods Market information can be found at:

In the past 14 years, Whole Foods Market has earned the following rankings on the list:

  • 2011 – No. 24
  • 2010 – No. 18
  • 2009 – No. 22
  • 2008 – No. 16
  • 2007 – No. 5
  • 2006 – No. 15
  • 2005 – No. 30
  • 2004 – No. 47
  • 2003 – No. 32
  • 2002 – No. 48
  • 2001 – No. 41
  • 2000 – No. 72
  • 1999 – No. 48
  • 1998 – No. 34

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