Pasadena, CA (October 5, 2007). Whole Foods Market (Nasdaq: WFMI), the world's leading natural and organic foods supermarket and the nation's first certified organic grocer, is opening the region's flagship store and the largest Whole Foods Market west of the Rockies, in Pasadena. This new 2 story, 76,770 square foot store will be the next evolution of Whole Foods Market, designed to exceed its customers' expectations with an increased selection of the highest quality natural and organic products as well as showcasing exciting features like sit down dining venues. Created to satisfy and delight their customers, the new location at 465 S. Arroyo Parkway at Bellevue is slated to open in early November and promises to be an unrivaled culinary experience, offering a fresh and distinctive approach to the grocery shopping and dining experience that customers have come to expect from Whole Foods Market. When this store was conceptualized, all the latest offerings that customers could ever want were considered, and the most innovative and exciting were incorporated into the store. Whether shopping for the families' groceries, grabbing a hot lunch or having salmon grilled to order, shoppers will be amazed by the selection and variety of products that are available to choose from.

“The larger format Whole Foods Market stores that have been opened recently in the Southern Pacific region in El Segundo and Tustin have been met with such a positive response in the communities they serve, that we can't wait to open Pasadena,” said Marci Frumkin, Regional Marketing Director. “Besides being your local produce stand, butcher shop, fish market and florist, we are combining the concept of a healthy, organic eatery and supermarket at our new flagship store in Pasadena. We'll have sit down dining venues and a Wine and Tapas Lounge. It's a whole new way to look at the grocery shopping experience.”

Over its nearly 27 year history, Whole Foods Market has helped revolutionize the way Americans eat and think about food, both with its long-standing commitment to its stringent quality standards, and by championing the difference natural and organic products can make in the quality of one's life. “We want our shoppers to celebrate the joys of eating and living well. We hope Whole Foods Market will continue to prompt change in the way people think about and shop for food,” said John Mackey, Whole Foods Market CEO and co-founder.

The vibrant new Pasadena location is a celebration of natural products. Highlights include:

  • Wine and Tapas Lounge featuring an unparalleled assortment of amazing wines from around the world as well as Belgium Beer on tap for wine/cheese and beer/cheese pairings; charcuterie, olives and nuts.
  • Sandwich Bar offering roasted meats, french dips, beef brisket, barbecued beef and pulled pork sandwiches.
  • Seafood Bar featuring Ceviche, Shrimp Cocktail, Fish and Chips and other seafood delights.
  • Freshly roasted nuts.
  • Italian Trattoria featuring favorites like panini, pizza, calzones, stromboli and lasagna.
  • Extensive wine department with more than 1,200 selections to match any occasion, meal or budget and Enomatic wine machines so shoppers can taste various selections before they buy.
  • The largest selection of cheese varieties in Pasadena.
  • Custom cake decorating.
  • Fresh donuts made by the hour.
  • Savory bakery treats made fresh daily including pretzels, focaccia, ham and cheese croissants.
  • 6000 square-foot produce department featuring more than 500 items daily.
  • Tortilla machine making fresh corn and flour tortillas.
  • Eco-chic apparel, accessories and home goods.
  • Chocolate island with more than 50 chocolate choices and white and dark chocolate fountains.
  • Free wireless internet access.
  • Massage room, staffed with massage therapists.

Produce Department


  • Bountiful bins of organic and conventional fruits and vegetables, hand-stacked; an unusual selection of seasonal, exotic and specialty products like Jackfruit, Durian fruit and cactus pears; and appetizing displays of fresh-cut fruits.
  • “Veggie Grill” program with a daily rotation of fresh picked items, ready to be grilled to order by in-house chef.
  • Freshly made jams and jellies.
  • Fresh squeezed wheat grass and made to order fresh veggie and fruit juices.

Prepared Foods


  • A variety of Asian dishes to enjoy at the bar or to go, including made to order sushi; vegetable or shrimp tempura, Korean BBQ, Yakitori, noodle and rice bowls, plus organic sake and bottled beers.
  • Italian island featuring favorite Italian specialties.
  • Made to order: burritos, pizza, pasta, sandwiches and more.
  • Rotisserie chicken station and meat carving station for hot sandwiches.
  • More than 30 feet of self-serve hot and cold food options and salad bars.
  • Soup and stew stations with a wide variety of selections daily.
  • Extensive selection of raw foods.
  • Small bite food cocktails for a little taste of a variety of ethnic flavors.
  • Vegan and vegetarian foods cooked to order.

Meat Department


  • The widest selection of the best tasting, freshest meat raised to the strictest standards in the industry in a full-service meat department. Shoppers can receive custom cuts, cooking tips and personal recommendations.
  • Harder-to-find items including game, duck, sausages, low-fat cuts, range-grown turkey and natural chicken.
  • Oven-ready meats; smoked meats, stuffed meats and kabobs; a selection of tender dry-aged beef, which is dry-aged in the store; on-site fresh smoked meats; BBQ pulled meats and more.

Seafood Department


  • A “Custom Catch” program where shoppers select any available seafood and customize with marinades or seasonings. Team members will cook to order: charbroil, bake, steam, deep fry, sauté, or smoked with an in-store seafood smoker.
  • Seafood bars loaded with hot, fresh-cooked seafood offerings, like soups and seafood salads.

Specialty Department


  • Wine lounge with Enomatic wine selections.
  • Nitrite and nitrate-free sliced meats and charcuterie.
  • Locally and globally sourced beer, wine and cheese.
  • Olive and bulk cheese bar.

Grocery Department


  • A full selection of grocery items including Whole Foods Market's own family of brands: 365 Everyday Value, 365 Organic Everyday Value, Whole Kitchen, Whole Pantry and much more.
  • Extensive selection of wheat and gluten-free offerings, plus foods to accommodate special diets.
  • Focus on locally grown and produced products.
  • Many Raw food offerings including locally grown and Kombucha.
  • Large variety of nuts and dried fruits.
  • Ethnic offerings including Brazilian, African and Thai/Asian foods.
  • Fresh ground nut butters.
  • Great array of staple products for under $1 per pound.
  • Expansive selection of bottled teas.
  • Baby World showcasing an entire aisle dedicated to baby's and junior's fresh and frozen baby food.
  • Kid's Alley featuring a play area for children and kid-friendly foods, accessories and clothing.

Bakery Department


  • A chocolate case offering artisan chocolate candies, caramels, barks and fudge.
  • A bakery featuring fresh hot cobblers, bread puddings and crisps.
  • A gelato scoop bar.
  • A tapioca and rice pudding bar.

Whole Body


  • Over 20,000 natural health and beauty care products including luscious bodycare and make-up.
  • Dietary supplements.
  • Make-up Center.
  • Eco-chic clothing for men and women, organic cotton towels, purses made from vintage car upholstery.
  • Music, books and DVDs.
  • Candles and eco gifts for all occasions.

Organic Garden Center


  • Floral shop and extensive garden center with more than 100 varieties of fresh cut flowers, full selection of plants, annuals and garden supplies. Floral arrangements and design on premises.
  • Fair Trade Roses from Ecuador.