AUSTIN, Texas (June 3, 2008) — Whole Foods Market, the world’s leading natural and organic foods supermarket, is proud to announce the return of the beloved Jarlsberg cheese, which will be available in June at stores company-wide just in time for Father’s Day backyard barbecues. Jarlsberg (pronounced Yarls-berg) is a semi-firm Norwegian cheese that is Emmentaler in style and made from part skim cow’s milk.

Jarlsberg Returns

For five years, Jarlsberg wedges, a longtime customer-favorite, were absent from Whole Foods Market cheese departments because the maker began using a preservative that did not meet Whole Foods Market’s strict quality standards. “We worked hard to advocate the removal of the preservative because Jarlsberg is such a special cheese that is incredibly popular with our shoppers,” said Cathy Strange, Whole Foods Market Global Cheese Buyer. “We are pleased to welcome back an all-natural Jarlsberg with the same delicious taste.”

Handsome Pairings for Dad

Jarlsberg is an ideal snack cheese that also makes a tasty sandwich and burger topper. The cheese pairs perfectly with Whole Foods Market’s very own Lamar Street Pale Ale. The creaminess of the cheese highlights the fruitiness of this English-style ale, making a wonderful pairing for Dad.

“Jarlsberg is the perfect cheese to accompany a backyard barbecue for Father’s Day. Create a new experience by melting the nutty, Swiss-style Jarlsberg slices over burgers to create the ultimate Jarlsberger,” said Strange. “And here’s another plus, Whole Foods Market cheesemongers will slice a piece that is just right for you. We invite you to come in and taste this wildly popular crowd favorite.”

Here are a few more Jarlsberg recipe ideas:

  • Shaved over roasted new potatoes
  • Melted into or on top of omelets
  • Grated into a ham and mushroom frittata
  • Cubed in a cold vegetable primavera pasta salad
  • Baked in a warm onion cheese party dip
  • Rolled up with deli ham or turkey slices for a quick snack
  • Layered on a burger for a great Jarlsberger!

NOTE: Jarlsberg recipes as well as cheese and recipe photos are available upon request.