Whether you’re rooting for Kansas City or San Francisco on Tuesday night, Whole Foods Market has a reason to cheer. During the World Series opening game, the company will debut its first-ever 60-second TV spot spotlighting its new anthem: “Values Matter.”

The documentary-style video spotlights ranchers, farmers and fishermen that supply products to Whole Foods Market stores. The video features this manifesto, which also appears throughout the campaign:

As Whole Foods Market continues to grow, the company wants to communicate what it means to be “America’s Healthiest Grocery Store.” The grocer launched this brand campaign to better inform shoppers of the quality standards and innovations that Whole Foods Market has spent more than 35 years creating.

The company also invites consumers to visit the new site and take a brief survey called “What Do You Value?” to share what matters most to them. The results of the survey will help Whole Foods Market identify what matters most in different communities—from California to Missouri—besides their favorite baseball team.

For more information on the campaign and additional content on what makes Whole Foods Market different, visit: wholefoodsmarket.com/valuesmatter.

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