AUSTIN, Texas (April 11, 2014) – National Geographic Traveler selected Whole Journeys’ “Turkish Delights” tour as one of the magazine’s “50 Tours of a Lifetime” featured in the May 2014 issue.  The annual award recognizes the most authentic, innovative, immersive, best-guided and most sustainable tours.

“The tours we selected go beyond destination to add meaning and context,” said Norie Quintos, executive editor of National Geographic Traveler magazine. “They open the mind to new possibilities, new connections, and new ways of thinking— all critically important given the world’s complex issues.”

Whole Journeys program in Turkey combines the multi-cultural mecca of Istanbul with small villages on the Aegean Coast, the ancient ruins of Ephesus and volcanic valleys of Cappadocia. The itinerary mixes must-see historic spots – including mosques, palaces and the Bosphorus Strait – with colorful bazaars, local cooking classes, spice markets and fishmongers.

Travelers are immersed in traditional foods and ingredients like kebabs, manti (spiced lamb dumplings), baklava and dondur–ma (ice cream) on this authentic culinary journey through Turkey.

Whole Journeys is the new travel venture from Whole Foods Market which connects active foodies with the cultural and culinary traditions of destinations worldwide. In each of the 19 tours offered in 2014, guests walk, hike or bike as they explore the foods, farms and characters that make a region unique.

A few of the most distinctive Whole Journeys experiences include:
• A wellness-centric adventure in Peru set among ancient ruins and present-day indigenous cultures (curated in in partnership Miraval Resorts)
• A hiking and tasting tour in Aspen, where guests experience Colorado’s breathtaking mountain scenery while meeting passionate local food artisans from the Roaring Fork Valley
• Wine-tasting and walking in Spain’s Basque Country to marvel at Frank Gehry’s City of Wine
• Learning secrets to longevity in Sardinia, Italy while picnicking with local shepherds and cruising hidden grottos in the turquoise sea
• Cycling through Van Gogh’s Provence to the fortress of Les Baux and sampling olive oil fresh from an olive press

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