Alan Morgan

Executive Leader of Culinary Development

Alona Pulde, MD

Global Medical Executive, Health and Wellness

Amy Eubanks

Principal Culinary Development Program Manager

Amy Jargo

Senior Global Category Merchant

Carrie Brownstein

Carrie Brownstein

Principal Quality Standards Advisor, Seafood

Cathy Strange

Vice President of Specialty and Global Cheese Expert

Dan Epley

Vice President, Grocery

Doug Bell

Senior Principal of Adult Beverage Innovation and Product Development

Jamie Katz

Senior Advisor, Global Quality Standards

Jen Coccaro

Vice President of Wellness and Beauty

Jody Villecco

Principal Quality Standards Advisor, Research

Joey Wells

Global Senior Principal Product Development & Innovation Expert

Joy Stoddard

Executive Partnership Development and Internal Programs Director, Whole Planet Foundation

Katherine Wallace

Senior Category Merchant, Domestic Wine, Sake & Specialty Wine

Katy Green

Global Produce Field Inspector

Kelly Landrieu

Global Coordinator, Local Brands

Kylie Bentley, RDN, LDN, CLT

Team Leader of Nutrition and Labeling Compliance

Matthew Lederman, MD

Global Medical Executive, Health and Wellness

Molly Siegler

Senior Program Manager for Culinary Development

Morgan Drummond

Senior Category Merchant and Olive Oil Savante

Nona Evans

President and Executive Director, Whole Kids Foundation

Philip Sansone

President and Executive Director, Whole Planet Foundation

Rachel Bukowski

Team Leader of Product Development

Sandeep Gyawali

Senior Culinary Development Program Manager, Bread and Bakery

Theo Weening

Theo Weening

Vice President of Meat and Poultry

Wesley Rose

Vice President, Seafood

Will Betts

Vice President, Local