Kelly Amoroso Allegro

Kelly Amoroso

Senior Coffee and Tea Buyer, Allegro Coffee Company

Kelly Amoroso, senior coffee and tea buyer at Allegro Coffee Company, has been involved in the coffee industry for more than 20 years in various capacities as a coffee buyer, quality control manager, Q Instructor, coffee promoter, coffee coordinator and is a certified Q Grader who oversees cupping competitions. In her time at Allegro Coffee … Continued

Kylie Bentley, RDN, LDN, CLT

Team Leader of Nutrition and Labeling Compliance

At Whole Foods Market, Kylie directs and supports a team of nutrition, certification, and labeling compliance experts for the company’s exclusive brands, including Whole Foods Market and 365 by Whole Foods Market. The Nutrition and Labeling Compliance Team collaborates with product developers and the design team to ensure the Exclusive Brands products are formulated in … Continued

Erik Brown Whole Foods

Erik Brown

Executive Leader, Produce

Erik Brown began his three-decade long career with Whole Foods Market in 1990. Erik has held various roles, including serving as a Produce Coordinator across regions, such as the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, and overseeing operations in the UK. Since 2015, he has served as the Executive Leader for Produce within the Perishable Purchasing Team. In … Continued

Carrie Brownstein Whole Foods

Carrie Brownstein

Principal Quality Standards Advisor, Seafood

In the big picture, Carrie’s work focuses on creating a model for the seafood industry that supports healthier oceans and communities. Working together with stakeholders and partners—fish farmers, fishermen, environmental groups, scientists and skilled seafood buyers—she aims to create a seafood market that supports responsible aquaculture production, reverses trends in overfishing and bycatch, and puts us … Continued

Rachel Bukowski Whole Foods

Rachel Bukowski

Senior Team Leader of Product Development

Rachel Bukowski oversees a team of product developers and R&D technicians on Whole Foods Market’s Exclusive Brands Team. The product development team works to ensure Whole Foods Market and 365 Everyday Value branded products not only taste delicious, but also are on the cutting edge of culinary, flavor and ingredient trends, all while adhering to … Continued

Jen Coccaro

Vice President of Wellness and Beauty

Jen leads merchandising for Supplements, Beauty and Lifestyle. She joined Whole Foods Market from the fashion apparel industry working with major brands such as Land’s End, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Chico’s. Her experience in the ever-evolving world of fashion provided her with expertise in identifying consumer behavior and trends. Jen is passionate about healthy living … Continued

Dan Epley Whole Foods

Dan Epley

Vice President of Dry Grocery

Dan Epley is Vice President of Dry Grocery at Whole Foods Market leading the Baking, Meals, Snacks, Beverages, Breakfast, and Candy businesses. He’s played an integral role in the evolution of merchandising organization at Whole Foods Market. He was recently recognized by NOSH on its inaugural NOSH Notables List, a compilation of the top 50 … Continued

Amy Eubanks

Senior Team Leader, Culinary Development

Amy Eubanks leads the growth of new ideas and recipes for our Prepared Foods and Bakery departments. Amy is a classically-trained French chef with two decades of experience working in fine dining restaurants in New York City, including Lespinasse, Cello and Café Boulud. During her time in the restaurant world, Amy served as the executive … Continued

AnaMaria Friede Whole Foods

AnaMaria Friede

Executive Leader of Grocery, Baking and Meals

AnaMaria Friede, originally from Bogota, Colombia, brings a rich cultural background to her dynamic career in the retail industry. Raised in Colombia, she developed a deep appreciation for diverse cuisines, landscapes, and traditions, often sharing meals and stories with her close-knit family. AnaMaria’s career in the retail industry began at Tops Markets, where she actively … Continued

Casey Gaston Whole Foods

Casey Gaston

Executive Leader of Local & Emerging Brands - Center Store

Casey Gaston, based in Austin, Texas, is the Executive Leader of Local and Emerging Brands at Whole Foods Market. Beginning her career as a store team member in St. Louis, MO, Casey’s almost 20-year journey with the company has encompassed roles in department, store, and regional leadership, highlighting her passion for retail and brand development. … Continued

Katy Green

Produce Field Inspector

Katy Green is a Produce Field Inspector for Whole Foods Market, based out of Southern California. She joined Whole Foods Market almost a decade ago as a cut fruit team member at the Mason, Ohio store. Katy has been the Produce Field Inspector since 2014 and oversees the quality of the company’s Whole Trade program. … Continued

Mary Guiver Whole Foods

Mary Guiver

Principal Category Merchant for Beer

Mary Guiver has had a long career with Whole Foods Market, beginning in the Whole Foods Market Produce Office in California over seventeen years ago. In 2008 she joined the Specialty Team in Oakland, CA and moved into the Beer Buyer role within a year. She eventually moved on to Regional Beer, Wine and Spirits … Continued

Jason Hedlund Whole Foods

Jason Hedlund

Principal Category Merchant of Seafood Procurement

Jason Hedlund is a Principal Category Merchant of Seafood Procurement for Whole Foods Market. The New England native joined the Whole Foods Market seafood team in 2007 and has been in the retail seafood industry for 26 years. From 2001 to 2015, Jason also spent nearly every summer working salmon boats in Bristol Bay, Alaska. … Continued

Jamie Katz

Senior Advisor, Quality Standards

With over 15 years of experience at Whole Foods Market, Jamie Katz, serves as a voice for the company’s Quality Standards, providing the big picture on Whole Foods Market’s 40 plus years of work in the natural and organic food industry. Jamie advises, strategizes, and communicates with multiple stakeholders on the ins and outs of … Continued

Kelly Landrieu

Principal Planner, Local & Emerging Brands

As Principal Planner, Local & Emerging Brands on Whole Foods Market’s Product Innovation and Development team, Kelly Landrieu works closely with the company’s regional foragers and buyers to ensure strong, win-win partnerships with local producers across all product categories. She creates tools for continued education and mentorship of current and future local suppliers, while supporting … Continued

Caitlin Leibert Whole Foods

Caitlin Leibert

Vice President of Sustainability

As Vice President of Sustainability at Whole Foods Market, Caitlin is driven by her passion for sustainability and its role in shaping communities, both locally and globally. From fields to plates, she is committed to improving Whole Foods Market’s impact on our environment. She is responsible for implementing the company’s sustainability vision and strategy across … Continued

Elliott Myers Whole Foods

Elliott Meyers

Vice President, Seafood

Elliott joined Whole Foods Market in 2003 as a Part-time Seafood Team Member and has since been in a variety of roles such as Associate Store Team Leader, Seafood Coordinator, and Seafood Executive Leader. Elliott is passionate about developing successful leaders, offering a best-in-class customer experience, and seafood sustainability.

Wesley Rose

Vice President, Perishables

Wes started his professional seafood journey in 1998 when he joined Whole Foods Market working the Seafood counter in his home state of Massachusetts. Now as the Vice President of Meat & Seafood, Wes leads the Seafood purchasing and merchandising programs ensuring all Whole Foods Market seafood is sourced according to company stands, and that … Continued

Michael Sabrin Whole Foods

Michael Sabrin

Principal Product Developer

Michael Sabrin, a culinary expert and the Principal Product Developer at Whole Foods Market, manages diverse categories, including Meat, Prepared Foods, Bakery, and Salty Snacks. With 27 years in the food industry, he transitioned from a chef in renowned restaurants and resorts to food research and product development, driven by a desire to influence eating … Continued

Erica Skolnik Whole Foods

Erica Skolnik

Senior Culinary Program Manager

Since 2017, Erica has served as a Senior Culinary Program Manager on the Culinary Development team for Whole Foods Market. The Bakery Culinary Development Team oversees bakery innovation for seasonal items and everyday programming. With more than 20 years of experience in the food industry, Erica has a deep passion for the craft of baking … Continued

Cathy Strange Whole Foods

Cathy Strange

Ambassador of Food Culture

Since 1990, Cathy Strange has been instrumental in Whole Foods Market’s success. As a world-renowned cheese expert, she played a pivotal role as WFM’s Vice President of Specialty and Global Cheese Expert, identifying food trends and fostering relationships with suppliers adhering to WFM’s Quality Standards.     In August 2023, Cathy transitioned into her current role … Continued

Jody Villecco

Principal Quality Standards Advisor, Research

Jody Villecco has been passionate about Whole Foods Market’s industry-leading Quality Standards ever since she started working with the company in 1997. During her time at Whole Foods Market, she has supported standards development for all ingredient categories, including food, dietary supplements, body care, and household cleaning, continually striving to enhance the company’s Quality Standards. … Continued

Joey Wells

Senior Principal Product Development & Innovation Expert

As the Senior Principal Product Development & Innovation Expert, Joey Wells seeks out innovative cheesemongers and specialty producers around the world, bringing their products to market and supporting their growth and development within Whole Foods Market stores across the country. In 2012, he became an American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional (CCP) and was inducted … Continued

Lisa Zografos Whole Foods

Lisa Zografos

Principal Category Merchant for Specialty Cheese

Lisa Zografos serves as the Principal Category Merchant for Specialty Cheese at Whole Foods Market and lives in Toronto, CA. She collaborates closely with Cheese Producers, Affineurs, Distributors and Importers to curate the finest cheeses from around the world for Whole Foods Market. Lisa holds a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering with a focus in Food … Continued